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This is a collaboration event project between Tencent Ride Code and Chongqing Lobster Festival.


This is a collaboration project between Tencent Ride Code and Chongqing Lobster Festival. The project aims to gain more Chongqing users and get regular users to use the product more actively. The event encouraged users to use the ride code 10 times while using the subway, then receive free lobster in the Lobster Festival by showing the achievement code. The project lasted for 1.5 months and received good feedback as the first event in the new city project.

Tools: Adobe illustration |Role: UX Designer |Deliverable: Wireframe

Project Timeline

This is a departements collaboration project. The project manager will start by discussing the whole idea and draft flow with the interaction designer(UX designer), and I will be responsible for helping them clarify the details. Meanwhile, I would talk to the manager if I found any problems or extra work in the user flow. We need to ensure that users have the most straightforward and best experiences when using the pages. After producing the wireframe, the UX designer team will check the details first. We always shared our projects and received feedback from each other. Then the UI designer/visual designer will start to create the UI based on the wireframe and discuss with the UX design the details in the interface. As long as the UI designer finishes the main pages, the developer will start coding the pages and ensure with me the interaction motions and flow. During the testing period, I also need to modify some flow if there are additional requirements. Until the last minutes of the publishing day, we all need to be ready to change anything to ensure it will be published successfully.


This project is part of a strategic plan for a new city. And the biggest job of this project is to activate the regular users and attracted more new users. Meanwhile, the main scenario of the Ride code is when people commute to workplaces. So the user interface and user flow should be easy to access.

UI Information  Architecture

The information architecture of the event pages is also essential. The aim is the show the critical information and rules in the title and main images on the pages. Different layers should be different to show priority, and every element must be meaningful and simple enough for users. The principle is to use less text to deliver the most information and simultaneously attract users.


Final Wireframe & UI


The user flow and wireframe should be generaled enough and reused in the future when the products have similar events.

Archived a good collaboration with local businesses in a new city.

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