Hi there,

I'm Ximan Chen,

also know as Olivia

About me

My passion is to use design to solve problems for people and help them have a better life. I enjoy observing people's behaviors and daily lives to gain insights and create designs that can seamlessly integrate into their routines. For me, the best design is one that goes unnoticed yet significantly enhances the experience, just like a subtle, invisible touch.

I believe in the power of collaboration and the importance of respecting and trusting users to create the best designs. I find joy in every aspect of experience design and hope to inspire more people to love this industry as much as I do. My ultimate goal is to work with others to create products or services that benefit society and people, even if my name remains unknown. As long as my creations can make a positive impact on others, I feel fulfilled.

Aside from design, I'm an avid fan of anime, games, and drawing. These interests are what first sparked my love for design. I also keep a daily journal to record my life and gain a deeper appreciation for the world around me. In addition, I enjoy camping ⛺️ and hiking, as they offer the perfect way for me to connect with nature. My biggest dream is to one day live in a forest and become familiar with every creature that inhabits it.






MA Service design & innovation

Glasgow School of Art, Glasgow, UK

2021 - 2022

Honours Ba Interaction Design

Sherian College, Oakville, Canada

2016 - 2020


INteraction Designer

腾讯Tencent,Shenzheng, China